Networks are wonderful for saving money and making your life easier! Do you have two or more computer devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, smartphone)? Are you sick of saving your documents to a USB stick only to take it to the other computer just to print it? Do you hate that only one of your computers is connected to the Internet? We have a solution! 

We can network your computers together so that you can share that great printer you have with all of your devices. We can help you centralize your documents and allow you to access them easily on your different systems. Networking your computers and peripherals together to form a unified and secured computing environment can make your business to grow and prosper. Not to mention, it's easier to back it all up!

We can help you:

  • Design a suitable network structure for your home or business.
  • Select the appropriate components needed to create the network (Best wireless router/firewall/switch for the environment).
  • Install and setup any required network interface cards.
  • Run network cable within your premises.
  • Setting up wireless networking, and configuring your wireless network to be secure and safe from outside intruders (Did you know that WEP encryption for wireless networks can be broken in under 2 minutes?).
  • Setup any hardware necessary, such as hubs, routers, switches, print servers, etc.
  • Install and setup necessary network software.
  • Setup and secure your files and devices for sharing ONLY within your network.

All without having to hire your own fulltime IT staff!

Do you need to setup a new computer system? Just leave it in the boxes and call us. We will completely setup your new computer including your printer, scanner, camera, and any other peripherals you have. We can also teach you how to use your new equipment. We can also help you by familiarizing you with the basics in maintaining your computer. We can also help you with a connection to your workplace (if your work allows it) such as setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with your I.T. Dept at work.