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Adam J Marshall

Adam is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who specialized in security and is a 6-time Microsoft MVP Award receiver.

Hi! I’m Adam. I created the standard in WSUS Automated Maintenance. ©

Adam has been lucky enough to have access to a computer from the time that he was born. Starting out on a Tandy 1000 with a monochrome green and black screen, utilizing DoS 3 on 5 1/4 inch floppies, Adam has always been interested in computers and technology.

Adam is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who specialized in security. Currently in an IT Specialist role, Adam takes care of everything IT from hardware, software, networking, firewalls, backups, desktops, servers, Active Directory, Exchange, Dynamics GP, InforCRM all the way through to the helpdesk level. Being an IT generalist, he is exposed to a wealth of systems both on-prem and hosted in the cloud.

Adam’s philosophy is to make it simple and keep it that way. He does this by:

  • Keeping current with IT issues in the community.
  • Professional Development
    • Continually watching video guides, tutorials, and learning.
    • Reading Blogs, guides, and tutorials.
    • Taking interest in all areas of IT.
  • Networking both in person and online

Adam’s career in IT started at Internet Direct, where he started in residential technical support but quickly was promoted to business technical support supporting ISDN, xDSL, domains, DNS, websites, and email. He trained both new and existing technical support representatives in both the business and residential departments. He left after being there for just shy of 5 years after graduating with honours from DeVry College of Technology as a Network Systems Specialist

Adam moved to Hostopia, where he worked as a Tier 2 support representative taking escalations from management and Tier 1 support. He was chosen to be the ‘Golden’ customer support image for prospective customers and was shadowed by multiple executives from high-value enterprises including Verizon and Covad Communciations.

From there, Adam took over the Network Administrator job at GenesisTP, a light-steel construction company where he singlehandedly and proactively administered an enterprise network of 3 sites. He took the network from a disorganized state to an optimized infrastructure that enhanced productivity from the factory workers to the backoffice staff.

Adam’s next endeavour was Allied Research International where, included in a team of 5, they took care of 7 sites across the US and Canada. Adam took on the responsibility with keeping all 400+ client systems up to date using WDS and WSUS and created a ring based deployment and imaging system.

Adam, in his spare time, goes above and beyond and was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award in December 2017 in recognition for his help in the IT Community; helping out on the Microsoft Q&A Forums (Previously known as the TechNet forums). He also created the WSUS Automated Maintenance (WAM) © system and before licensing it for a small fee under AJ Tek Corporation, had over 52,700 unique downloads and had reported usage worldwide including such places such as Antarctica, North America, Germany, Finland, Australia, and Japan.